Close-up of Figure Life Painting

Self Portrait

Mother and Child

The bond between Mother and Child is that of unconditional Love - tenderness, patience, hope, joy
- a Love with no boundaries; no limits.

I wanted to use this image to convey the stark reality of AIDS - a deadly, heartbreaking disease which leaves many children without a parent, and many parents without their child.

The red ribbon is to bring awareness about the virus, in the hope that more lives can be saved and less hearts broken.

Red ribbon on Canvas;
Stretched on wooden frame with polystyrene inset.
2m x 1m22cm


My idea was to make an image of a camera, using photographs taken by the camera to create the actual piece; Like the camera is creating it's own image through taking pictures of itself.
The photographs are all taken of different parts of the camera, and arranged together to make the larger image visible.

I used close-up photos as a way of braking down the object into components, and then recreating the image. I used the programme 'Image-mosaic' to create and separate the different tones of each individual photo .

nude sketches

My passion for figure Life has been with me since my first part-time classes at college in my late teens; this has been my main focus up until now, and although I am exploring other avenues, I feel most content when absorbed in my delight of drawing people.

Line Drawings of nude model
A3 crayon

Pencil Sketch of Model